The Science Behind Weight Regain and How to Overcome It

Weight Loss Mindset

Jul 9 2023 • 12 mins

Show Notes:

This podcast discusses the science behind weight regain and how to overcome it.

It explains that weight regain is normal and not a sign of failure. When you lose weight, your body activates defenses to regain the weight through mechanisms like lower leptin levels, slower metabolism and increased hunger.

However, with the right strategies like eating more protein and fiber, exercising regularly, reducing stress and increasing mindfulness, you can fight your body's defenses and achieve long-term weight loss success.

Perseverance is key and weight regain does not have to be your fate if you have the right knowledge and strategies.

Key Points:

• Weight regain is normal and due to biological responses, not a lack of willpower.

• Lower leptin levels after weight loss signal starvation to the body, slowing metabolism and increasing hunger to regain weight.

• Environmental factors like excess food availability, lack of movement, large portions and stress also promote weight regain.

• To maintain weight loss, eat more protein and fiber, exercise regularly, reduce stress, monitor calorie intake and develop a long-term change in mindset.

• Perseverance is paramount and every pound lost is a victory. Weight regain can be overcome with the right strategies and persistence.

• The science is on your side - with knowledge and consistency, long-term weight loss success is within reach.

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