Introducing The Surgical Palliative Care Society (SPCS)

The Surgical Palliative Care Podcast

Jul 5 2021 • 34 mins

#025 - Join host Dr. Red Hoffman as she interviews Drs. Buddy Marterre and Pringl Miller, whom - along with Red - founded the recently launched Surgical Palliative Care Society (SPCS), the first inter-disciplinary society dedicated to the integration of high quality palliative medicine into the care of surgical patients.  They discuss the origins of the society, review its mission and talk about how Buddy's work as a beekeeper inspired the non-hierarchical approach to the creation of our Council and Committees.

Membership is open to all healthcare professionals involved in the care of surgical patients (including surgeons, physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, social workers, chaplains and respiratory therapists) as well as to students and trainees.  Please visit the website and consider joining as an inaugural member (inaugural dues are half-price through the end of 2021.)

To learn more about the Surgical Palliative Care Society, visit the website at www.spcsociety.org or twitter @spcsociety.

To learn more about the surgical palliative care community, visit us on twitter @surgpallcare

To learn more about host Red Hoffman, visit her website www.redhoffmanmd.com or twitter @redmdnd.