Wellbeing For Real Life - Connections

Wellbeing For Real Life

Jun 8 2021 • 19 mins

In this episode of the Wellbeing for Real Life podcast Dr Richard Pile and Dr Wendy Molefi talk about connections.  Human beings are social animals who need connections if we are to thrive.   Richard and Wendy discuss the challenges we face as a society, the problems of loneliness, the benefits of having meaningful relationships and give their top tips for building strong connections with others.   A video version of this episode is available  on YouTube.

Richard is a GP specialising in Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine, and author of "Fit For Purpose: your guide to health, wellbeing and living a meaningful life".  Wendy is a GP specialising in Mindfulness.   You can find out more about Richard here and Wendy here.

Fit For Purpose is available from Harper Inspire in paperback, e-book and audiobook format, with Richard reading the audio himself.  Find out more here.  This podcast has been produced the brilliant team at  Monkeynut Audiobooks.