HLS S1E1: The Perks of Sober Holidays

The Hangover Liberation Society

Nov 29 2021 • 25 mins

The holidays are a time when sobriety can feel less than magical. The pressure to be jolly and merry is high. In reality, though, being alcohol-free is a gift! To celebrate that, we devote this episode to the things that make November through January noticeably more enjoyable, less stressful—and WAY less cringe-inducing—now that we're off the sauce. We also offer three helpful suggestions for navigating the holidays as a person in recovery, plus a short movement practice, and this episode's BIG SOBER ENERGY tip! Read the article "Four Holiday Gifts Sobriety Has Given Me" on our blog: https://revarecovery.com/blog/four-holiday-gifts-sobriety-has-given-me (https://revarecovery.com/blog/four-holiday-gifts-sobriety-has-given-me) Learn more about Adrienne and Erin at revarecovery.com.