Ep9: The Willow Story

The Safe Place with Gavin Clarke

Jan 13 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

Come in to the safe place and listen in by the warm fire to this tale of fatherly love, separation and the lifetime impact that has had. It doesn’t stop there though, Willow tells his story of his dad leaving, being the men of the house and looking after mum, his close relationship with his grandparents and a new man coming in to his and his brothers lives. That was all under the age of 16. As Willow grew up life had its own obstacles to put in his way but he overcame them all and did so with a lifetime of being a kind, compassionate and funny guy. I hope you enjoy this one! Follow me on instagram: @iamgavinclarke and on facebook @thedaddiariesrevisited

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