EP 38: It’s Rabbit Season

The Friskey Whiskey Podcast

Nov 22 2023 • 1 hr 14 mins

Join MikeD and TI as we go down the Rabbit Hole and try some interesting whiskeys!

History: Rabbit Hole Distillery is a relatively new player in the world of whiskey, founded in 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky, by Kaveh Zamanian. The distillery was born out of Zamanian's passion for whiskey and his desire to create something unique within the spirits industry. Zamanian, originally from Iran, immigrated to the United States and settled in Louisville. He was inspired by Kentucky's rich bourbon heritage and decided to start Rabbit Hole Distillery to craft his own distinct style of whiskey. One of Rabbit Hole's notable releases is their bourbon, which undergoes a unique maturation process in barrels made from wood sourced from France's Vosges region and finished with a toasted barrel technique, distinguishing it from traditional Kentucky bourbons.

Rabbit Hole Dareringer Double Barrel PX Sherry Cask $74.99  93 proof  Mash bill 65% corn, 25% Wheat, 10% Malted Barley  Aged in Spanish casks. Partners with the Cabello family in Spain.  The Dareringer Double Barrel PX Sherry Cask is a bourbon that undergoes a special aging process, starting with its maturation in new charred American oak barrels, which is a standard practice for bourbon. What sets it apart is its secondary aging in Pedro Ximénez (PX) Sherry casks. PX Sherry is a sweet, dark, and rich style of Sherry known for its luscious, raisin-like flavors.

This secondary aging process in PX Sherry casks adds a layer of complexity and imparts unique flavors to the bourbon. The interaction between the bourbon and the Sherry-soaked wood influences the whiskey, infusing it with notes of dried fruits, dark chocolate, caramel, and a rich sweetness, along with the classic bourbon characteristics like vanilla, oak, and spice.

The term "Double Barrel" refers to the fact that the whiskey undergoes aging in two different types of barrels, contributing to the depth and complexity of the final product.   Nose: Sherry, caramel, cherry Taste: Raisins, currants, cherries, almond, vanilla

Rabbit Hole Boxergrail rye whiskey (pink label). 4yr 4 months $145 ($300)  105.1 proof  Mash Bill ????

Rabbit Hole  second Single Barrel release, they have hand-selected casks from an extremely limited number of Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey barrels. Each is a study in patience and creativity. To complement this one-of-a-kind whiskey, the packaging for each season of barrel releases will be unique and feature a different series of six original Limited Edition illustrations from renowned artist Sue Todd, commissioned by our Founder, Kaveh Zamanian. The result is a true work of art inside and out that could only be bottled at cask strength.

Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey with a sour mash rye mash bill bottled at full cask strength. Proof will vary by bottle - but will generally fall between 100 and 125.

Approximately only 150-200 bottles produced at 750mL. Yield will vary by barrel.

Aged in #3, wood-fired, toasted & charred new American Oak barrels for 4+ years.

The bottle side label includes the following personalization: • Handwritten ALC/VOL and Proof • Release Date • Individual Bottle Number • Artist Signature • Handwritten Name of Customer