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Kinda Funny

The world’s most popular daily video game news podcast hosted by Greg “GameOverGreggy” Miller, Tim Gettys, and Blessing Adeoye Jr, alongside a cast of games industry veterans and guests covering the latest in PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and all of gaming. read less

Our Editor's Take

It's all fun and games in Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast. This is the podcast for all things gaming. Listeners may find this series as exciting as the games detailed within it.

Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast has multiple hosts. One is Greg “GameOverGreggy” Miller. He is a media personality and CEO of the podcast's host company: Kinda Funny. Joining Miller is fellow Kinda Funny founder Tim Gettys. He is also a comedian and keeps the show lighthearted. Another familiar name in the gaming world, Blessing Adeoye, employs a critical lens on the gaming industry. The fourth host is Gary Whitta. He is best known for his role as a writer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This crew is well-rounded and multi-talented. Each brings a unique yet valuable perspective to the episodes. With this quartet, there's plenty of excitement.

This podcast is what the title suggests. It's a daily show on video games. A plethora of games are out there, and the show aims to report on the best. It reveals release dates for long-awaited series. It celebrates the anniversaries of consoles. It discusses the most significant announcements in the space.

Some previous topics include teasers on Evil Within 3 and Gotham Knight reviews. Others reveal the hosts' nominee predictions for video game awards. Listeners get a bit of everything. Games of all genres, consoles of all types, reviews, remakes, what's coming up-it's all here. Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast is a show for diverse tastes.

This podcast is great for people who love staying up-to-date with the gaming world. Video game fanatics can get their daily dose of the latest movements in the gaming space. Who knows, they might even find a new favorite game!

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