24 - Nanna Sl*t Jocks

The Tinsmen Podcast

Jun 30 2023 • 1 hr 46 mins

Gday Hop Hoovers, this ones a bit out of sequence but sometimes thats gotta b done in the name of good times.

In this one........

Ferrari, stop scaring the kids; Sex kit handycraft facebook groups; Bit of chat about sourdough;  Is Keelz in a bottleo matrix?

Human zoo – People arguing about cartoons,  getting cranky at people doing the same thing as you.

5 minute life hack videos are only hacking your time. But aggravating people is entertaining.

Mystery (ish) Beers – Rocky Ridge - M is for Milk Stout, Double No Ordinary Bunny

Dirty Porter, Baltic Porter

Getting publicly shamed by Nanna Slut Jocks

Rant Alert! Ridiculous beer prices and the abomination of inventing new glass sizes.

Boat ramp etiquette. Spoilers – If you think its boat order, you’re the problem.

Merging is a question of consideration, not skill.

Brace yourselves for the Fourth Horseman of the Beerpocalypse

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