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Adulting may have tried to rob us of our spirit, but it hasn't taken our love of a cold tin and a laugh with our mates. A good dose of judgmental commentary, heavy on the sarcasm and unwilling to let facts ruin a yarn. Or a rant. If you're old enough to know better but still to young to care, get yourself a cold one and waste some time with The Tinsmen. read less


29 - Nice to Meet You, I Love You  - Lachie Sheridan - Perth Dude Food
Nov 30 2023
29 - Nice to Meet You, I Love You - Lachie Sheridan - Perth Dude Food
The boys have been let out in public and took the oppourtunity (geddit?) to head to PHAT Brew Club and catch  up with Lachie from Perth Dude Food (Insta, TikTok) and No Crying in the Cool Room Podcast (YT, Insta, TikTok and all good poddy spots). A mint arvo of Yarns, Tasty Beers (Special mention to the Phat and Juicy NEIPA) and some equally tasty burgers was had and the result is some very confused PHAT patrons and this here poddy. Massive shout out to PHAT, absolute bunch of legends. If you're in the area, drop in for a beer and a feed. It's a bloody tops joint. Poddy Fodder Including, but not limited to: There’s what in Hoegarden? And having to give clothing for it. Still didn’t stop the Cleps though.  Respect for OnlyFanners. But not for creeps.  Even though we usually fail at putting stuff in the show notes, @summerofnikkivale on Insta for Lachies PIC for park barbie cook ups.  Stuff you can cook on. Stuff you can cook. Food stuff. Dude food stuff. He’s a Chef who makes food content, you get the idea. But also some backstory that hopefully is new to you.  Social media-ing & Food Critic-ing for people who hate social media and food critics.  Kids say the shittiest things.  Trolling primary school Karens.  Large String instruments.  Spending formative years overseas and losing track of all the times you been detained at borders. Dude food. In Perth. Obviously.  Celebrity Chefs.  Unnecessary pronunciations of food stuff. Insta: @the_tinsmen The Tinsmen Podcast | Facebook
25 - Prepare for Probing, Distinguished Gentlemen and British Racing Green with Sparkles
Jul 26 2023
25 - Prepare for Probing, Distinguished Gentlemen and British Racing Green with Sparkles
Stout and whiskey – a questionable combination Warroora Wrap up Keelz is officially in old cunt territory a mint boys trip was had to commemorate; a story about a fish none of them caught  – but Johnsy is still claiming both Skipper and boat dad credits for; there’s no need to exaggerate already bragworthy fish, but Red Rooster Rotisserie Rankin IS worth bragging about. Anal probing is imminent – the lads have checked with an actual scientist. There is such thing as a stupid question. With answers to match. Garz went for a ride with a bunch of Distinguished Gentlemen. Met some bloke who drives racecars. Keelz wants to go for a drive with some distinguished gentlemen so has engaged the services of a questionable bloke to paint his car a colour he’s never seen. Who may be a squatter. Undoubtedly exposed to a lot of paint fumes. Stay tuned for this success story. In any case Keelz cares more about Parmi’s than what colour his car gets painted. Lipstickin’ the pig Garz is going full F1 yuppie and taking his Kids to Monza. Stay tuned for how that turns out. And if his missus has gone full F1 groupie Umbrellas need regulation. Is Midstrength and Stones Mac the peak? Because TEDs certainly fucking weren’t! Geriatric rappers Use Code Keelansasickcunt to get a free gift with a T-Shirt purchase from the shop,   Get your Merch at Insta: @the_tinsmen The Tinsmen Podcast | Facebook
20 - Cherry Faces, Old man Chats and the Escalation of Sex Toys
Feb 13 2023
20 - Cherry Faces, Old man Chats and the Escalation of Sex Toys
Happy New Beers Tinners! Yeah, yeah, we're a couple of weeks in, but being the first for '23, it's gotta be said. The boys kick off 2023 talking about what they'd do if they won lotto; Post-chrissy catch up. Pud (of course); the face Garz pulls while eating Glace Cherries; Is it Glassed, Glass, Glazed, Glah-say, or Glazeer cherries? Ham. So. Much Ham. Prawn face d!cks. Aaaaaand what everyone got (or didn't get) for christmas feat. 3 phase banana cleaners - It's for ya d!ck.  Cringy Christmas Photo creates the peak of 2023. Which leads into Travelling Australia With Dildos; The lads have clearly missed the escalation in the sex toy game and when the volume of said toys came to be a consideration. In a sign of getting old and having shit to do, Mid-stery Beers is born. Craft beer tasting paddles should just all be middies. The best pub urinal in Australia; Public Toilet etiquette; Toilets in public. Old Man Chats - Poo Clocks Moths vs Butterflies means c-section kids can’t close doors. Lying to kids is OK if there’s benefits for adults; Garz is scared of wasps. Human zoos on Facebook and Facebook Muppetplace. Are chaps arseless or crotchless?; Why is Keelz dick cold?; Masood Boogaard – Self Help Singh – F@ck your teams meeting;  RunTMP Joins the Party and Aunty Tras’Meat Market/Aunty Tras’ Judgy Bitch School Insta: @the_tinsmen The Tinsmen Podcast | Facebook
17: Tip em In Part 3 - Space Turtles Cometh
Sep 8 2022
17: Tip em In Part 3 - Space Turtles Cometh
The Space Turtle beers really kick in on this one. So blame Garage Project for what you're about to hear. Garz goes all wanky workshop in his garage; Baiting on Gumtree and the online marketplace minefield Garz cooks the mystery beers and turns into an Indian 4-Packer but Keelz comes to the Mystery Beer Rescue; Rebekah Tisch Shops that bring in Self Service Checkouts are encouraging questionable behaviour and Dad Jokes Garz likes to blame inanimate objects for his poor form. But serves him right for organizing his shed. Has a literal tonne of port, ruined port? Nathan King Overland: Americans who love Australia. Which has the desired effect of giving us something to talk about. Stay Tuned for The Tinsmen Do America. DISCLAIMER: We know nothing about America Self Love in the Telstra Tub - Brought to you by Slow Rollin' 4x4, and how Keelz was misconstrued. Which rapidly descends into some fairly depraved wank-talk. Non-alcoholic beer. I can’t believe we’re even talking about this, so we revist wanking again, which is only weird if you're not involved. Paulie lifestyle notification, smartwatch intervention and the Naked Rule.   @thatsmyst0ry on TikToc to see whats got Garz tickled   Still got stickers and a few shirts left in a few sizes so hit us up if ya want one.   Spotify, Apple, Google, iHeart Radio and everywhere you get your Podcasts Insta: @the_tinsmen The Tinsmen Podcast | Facebook