Modern Jeeper, Corey Osborne, on Episode 100

Conversations with Big Rich

Mar 3 2022 • 1 hr 34 mins

A renaissance man, Corey Osborne keeps re-inventing himself and his ideals by learning everything he can. From corporate suit to off-road guy, Corey brings the CTI trailer to the masses for conversation and insight. Join him at Modern Jeeper online or one of their many adventures.

3:57– It’s a demented curiosity…

13:43 – are you sure this is something you want to do?

21:37 – so that’s why you have a yellow Jeep!

27:54 – …literally having a party for a year and a half straight!

32:22 – you ought to do something you enjoy

38:59 – from “that’ll never work” to just over 9000 rigs on the CTI trailer

43:23 – “you can only say no twice” – you have to be available

49:50 – my most horrible experience off-road, followed by my second worst experience

1:05:03 – I want to be inspired, I want to be inspirational

1:15:17 – Modern Jeeper is really about the adventure side

1:23:03 – the educational side of the off-road industry is going to be important

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