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Season Two Recap for Episode 104
Mar 31 2022
Season Two Recap for Episode 104
It's been an awesome two years of podcasting at Conversations of Big Rich. In this episode we share the stats and some highlights.102 guests: 91 men, 11 women8114 minutes of content52,000 downloads with over 4 million minutes listened toEpisodes mentioned:Bob Bower – Episode 55 and 56Jack Bettio – Episode 75Emily Miller – Episode 29Larry McRae – Episode 15Rob Bender Park – Episode 8Charlie Melchner – Episode 4Then enjoy a replay of Episode #1The first, the pillar episode of the Big Rich podcast is live! In this episode Shelley interviews Big Rich about the beginning of rock crawling for him. It’s a perseverance story, a succeed at all costs, a bootstrapping, I want this so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes.  Almost twenty years later, WE Rock is still strong. Come along for the journey, see where it all began.Season 1, Episode 1 with Big Rich Klein7:20 Who yells “What’s the name of your club?” to guys he’s never met before?16:56 Cease and desist ordered delivered at his very first rock crawl24:32 You want how much money? How a county judge helped us out.30:13 Why we needed a 'Noise Study' at a gun range33:39 The penalty for being trashy42:32 The birth of WE Rock, but not without some controversy52:31 No sleeves allowed! Reno Rocks is off the hook54:31  Debacle in Farmington 200964:39 The Taj Mahauler lives74:36 Dirt Riot is born82:44  2020 begins, here's what it looks like85:34 How 4Low Magazine comes with 20 years of plans92:14 The history of off-road and why it matterSupport the show