Trailer - The Business of Aquaculture

The Business of Aquaculture

May 5 2021 • 1 min

Hello, you're listening to the Business of Aquaculture.

This is the podcast for business aquaculturists.

This podcast aims to amplify voices of aquaculture entrepreneurs addressing the United Nations global goals aka The Sustainable Development Goals listening to fellow aquaculturists in their journey to save the oceans.

In this new podcast, I'm your host- and my name is Lourdes Gant. I'm the co-owner of Manatee Holdings Ltd, and we’re  on Mission to help a thousand fellow business owners and supporters to have the voice of collaboration in the aquaculture space.

Well, if you're wondering why is this podcast called the The Business of Aquaculture? Well time is of the essence right. The fishing industry is on the brink of collapse and is facing the biggest source of food and protein.  We have an obligation to support the seafood industry  for the future of food.

This is a weekly show where I'll be talking to successful business owners focused in the aquaculture industry. So listen to get inspired, to learn how through sustainable aquaculture, you can grow your impact to make the world a better place, leave a legacy and live a more meaningful life.

Also, every time you listen to an episode of our podcast, Manatee Holdings will be giving a donation to build a home in the Philippines through the “Business for good” Buy 1 Give 1, initiative. So just by listening to the podcast you are already making a difference launching on the 7th of May.

So see you on the podcast!