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Bestselling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway combines business insight and analysis with provocative life and career advice. On Mondays, Prof G Markets breaks down what’s moving the capital markets, teaching the basics of financial literacy so you can build economic security. Wednesdays, during Office Hours, Scott answers your questions about business, career, and life. Thursdays, Scott has a conversation with a blue-flame thinker in the innovation economy. And Scott closes the week on Saturdays with his Webby Award–winning newsletter, No Mercy / No Malice, as read by actor and raconteur George Hahn. To resist is futile… Want to get in touch? Email us, read less

Our Editor's Take

One doesn't have to enroll in NYU Stern School of Business to experience the teachings of the notable Scott Galloway. With The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway, podcast listeners can become more educated about economics and finance. They can learn these topics from the mouth of one of the most interesting leaders in the field.

Galloway is not new to the podcast world. He cohosts the popular Pivot podcast with Kara Swisher. With The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway, the business professor continues the fascinating discussions fans of that show appreciate.

Professor Galloway teaches courses in digital marketing and brand strategy to MBA students. But the cliche “those who can't do, teach” is not the case with him. Before he became a professor, Galloway made a name for himself in the business world. He has started multiple successful companies, including Red Envelope. On top of his success as an entrepreneur, Galloway also wrote four books and served on many boards of directors. There is so much that the listeners can learn from his life experience, as well as his research. He brings all that to The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway podcast.

The show doesn't feel like a university class, though. Thanks to Galloway's charisma, humor, and wit, The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway can be a pleasure to hear. The listeners get to educate themselves while laughing in the process. There's also a touch of vulnerability, as the host doesn't only discuss economics. He also examines, much like the title of his book, The Algebra of Happiness. In some episodes, the professor hosts “Office Hours.” He answers listener questions on subjects like burnout and citizenship. Galloway is candid about his own life, too. In one podcast episode, he talks about “parenting as a person with wealth.”

The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway has new episodes several times a week. Listeners interested in fun financial talk may enjoy this podcast.

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