Jocko Podcast

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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

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Our Editor's Take

Jocko Willink isn't an ordinary podcast host. In Jocko Podcast, the retired Navy SEAL explores extreme ownership in all walks of life. The podcast features a wide variety of guests from different disciplines. It covers everything from jiu-jitsu to break-ups. It also touches on unpredictable work schedules, workouts, and more. Jocko shows that toxic productivity is definitely a thing. Here, discipline equals freedom. Expect no quarter from Jocko Willink in the Jocko Podcast. This podcast is a field manual for everyday life.

The interviews on the Jocko Podcast are never less than enthralling. The subjects are engaging and varied. The path to fulfillment is fraught with danger. This retired Navy SEAL officer is the perfect guide. Guests include Andrew Huberman, Ben Milligan, Dan Cnossen, and more. A property of the Jocko DEFCOR Network, the Jocko Podcast kicks butts and takes names.

In the Jocko Podcast, listeners learn that no authority is greater than the individual. The people around them are vital, but the individual rules the roost. The podcast creates new leaders out of men and women. Jocko's experiences with his SEAL teams inform the Jocko Podcast at every turn. Everything from the dichotomy of leadership to Top Gun is on the docket in the Jocko Podcast. Join the retired Navy SEAL (and director Echo Charles) to discuss discipline and leadership.

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