33. How to raise $4.5 million from investors for your business or idea – Alan Phua

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Mar 14 2022 • 38 mins

Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea, and you're hoping to win over your investors, customers and distributors? If so, you'll love this week's episode as my guest did just that

His name is Alan Phua, a food tech entrepreneur, and a CEO and Co-Founder of Alchemy Foodtech, a disruptive food and bio-tech start-up who is helping to make meals healthier without compromising on taste. Thus far, they've raised over $4.5 million from private investors and even Enterprise Singapore, a government agency. Within their first year of operation, Alchemy has served over 7.4 million meals and have established relationship with leading food brands, like Boon Tong Kee, the number one chicken brand in Singapore. Gardenia, the number one bread brand in Singapore, and Swee Heng, my favorite number one bakery in Singapore. So if you wanna learn how you can win over your investors, customers, and distributors, while impacting millions, you've got to pay special attention to this foodtech episode.

Also listen out for Alan's answers to the following questions:

  • If you had to choose a food to describe yourself, which would you choose?-01:16
  • What was the motivation behind doing what you do?-02:45
  • The science behind Alchemy Foodtech?-05:25
  • Why is sugar bad for us?-06:39
  • What Alchemy Fibre does?- 08:09
  • How did you feel when you discovered it?-09:30
  • First tast of success getting the grant?- 12:56
  • Selling a hunch?- 13:29
  • Sugar free cake?!-16:51
  • How do we know if our food has the Alchemy Fiber in it?-19:00
  • Telltale signs to know for Diabetes?-20:51
  • How did you pivot when you after the disaster of the planned launch due to covid?-23:54
  • The loneliness of entrepreneurship?- 25:08
  • How do you overcome doubters?-27:48
  • Next big challenge and milestone?-33:12
  • Advice to entrepreneurs?- 35:00

If you want to keep in touch with Alan, you can reach him on Instagram at @alchemyfoodtech and @alanphua

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