Conversations Worth Having - with Polly Mertens | A Good Day to Die EP 1

A Good Day To Die Podcast

Jul 13 2022 • 1 hr 56 mins

Conversations that Matter with Polly Mertens. Polly shows us a beautiful example of the seekers path. Fueling growth via awareness and joy, finding breakthroughs through play and holding space: Polly is going to squeeze all the juice from this fruit!



0:00 Intro

0:40 A Transformational Retreat

14:50 Our Experience with Landmark

21:49 What we wish we Knew

35:30 The Permission to Play: Festivals

44:27 Women’s Circles

50:41 Marriage & Divorce

1:13:23 Staying in Your Joy

1:31:52 Make Today A Good Day to Die

1:44:03 Conversations Worth Having

1:54:14 Conclusion


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