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Discover real-life horror stories, from bizarre crimes to paranormal activity. These true stories are set inside the fictional world of Radio Rental, an 80’s video rental store run by an eccentric shopkeeper, Terry Carnation (Rainn Wilson). This imaginative, cult classic-inspired horror brand blurs the lines of reality, with cutting-edge documentary storytelling and a splash of comedy. From the mind of Payne Lindsey, this is Radio Rental. read less

Our Editor's Take

Radio Rental melds the elements of fear in a creepy, funny package. True crime, the supernatural, and gripping storytelling abound in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Part documentary, part scripted drama, and all spellbinding, Radio Rental is a must-listen.

Radio Rental is a trip through the wild world of Terry Carnation, an eccentric '80s video store shopkeeper. Carnation (played by Rainn Wilson from The Office) is the curator of all things bizarre and dreadful. Renting a video from his shop guarantees a hair-raising story and a sleepless night. There is also a unique personal touch to Radio Rental. The people who experienced the eerie events first-hand retell the tales.

The world is a frightening place. Stories of the supernatural and bizarre abound. Throughout history, the unusual and inexplicable have fascinated and disturbed. Something is riveting about the paranormal and outlandish. For many, real-life horror stories go beyond the suspense of fiction. After all, the terror in these tales is real. All these events really happened, and the stories push the boundaries of what's possible. Radio Rental appeals to a vast audience, including lovers of true crime, horror, and the inexplicable. Full of twists and turns, Radio Rental is a heart-pounding, mind-bending experience. It will have even the most seasoned enthusiasts questioning reality.

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