Long Covid - with Highly Specialist SLT Carrie Garrett

This Is A Voice

Dec 10 2021 • 33 mins

We're discussing Long Covid and its effects on speaking and singing.
Our guest is highly specialist speech and language therapist, singer and singing teacher Carrie Garrett.
Symptoms of Long Covid (it's a looong list!)
How singing teachers can support students with Long Covid
The difference between Long Covid and post-Covid syndrome
Types of vocal exercises that are useful for Long Covid support
Differences between Long Covid and chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma
And a poem (with permission) from Michael Rosen on working with a voice therapist post-Covid

Resources mentioned in the show:
Michael Rosen's BBC Radio 4 Word of Mouth episode with Fiona Gillies

The One Minute Voice Warmup App (Apple and Android) from Vocal Process

My Singer Has A Voice Problem (course) in the Vocal Process Learning Lounge https://bit.ly/VocalProcessLearningLounge

Ask us anything - submit your questions on https://speakpipe.com/Vocalprocess

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