A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich


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Our Editor's Take

Is cereal cold soup? And is a hot dog a sandwich? This podcast, A Hot Dog is a Sandwich, is here to explore these questions and more. The show's hosts, Josh Scherer and Nicole Enayati, are internet sensations. Known for their work on Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link and Mythical Kitchen, the hosts are funny, skilled, and fun to listen to. This podcast is a culmination of levity, food, and fun that are present on their YouTube shows. Scherer and Enayati claim to have held every weird job in the food industry. As a result, they've got a lot of food knowledge and have entered some serious food debates. This podcast brings these debates to listeners. The title comes from a popular Internet food question.

Are boneless wings fake nuggets? A Hot Dog is a Sandwich answers this question and others. Sometimes, the hosts are the only two on the show. They discuss what the best pizza toppings are, meal prepping, and buffet horror stories. Is a hot topic a dumpling? Is a breakfast burrito better than a breakfast taco? Listeners can hear as hosts debate the best ice cream flavor. Together, they'll finally answer the question, "is LaCroix overrated?"

Mythical chefs Josh and Nicole do a lot of talking and laughing. But they also engage with listeners. In some episodes, Josh and Nicole answer questions from listener-left voicemails. As always, the chefs keep up the expected levity and comedy. They often include guests on the show, too. Memo Torres of LA Taco joins the show in one episode. In another, Lily Cousins, a fellow Mythical Kitchen cook, discusses Michelin Stars.

This podcast provides the best food discussions and decides when chefs have gone too far. Above all, it keeps things fun and light. Audiences can hear the latest episode of A Hot Dog is a Sandwich each week.

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