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Jeremy Fisher and Dr Gillyanne Kayes

Voice experts and bestselling authors Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher have been chatting about voice for more than 20 years - this time they've switched the microphone on. Vocal technique? check. Musicals? check. The weird things you can do with your voice? check. Includes AMA on voice, singing, speaking, performance techniques, voice exercises and so much more.
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Collaboration is the new normal
Collaboration is the new normal
Jeremy Fisher & Dr Gillyanne Kayes chat about collaboration and lifeWhy we collaborate with other peopleHas it ever gone wrong? (Has it ever!)The most important conversation you can have when you begin your collaborationAnd we announce a new brand for actors, singers and theatre people that say it like it (almost) is – Voicenerdz Mentioned in this episodeSend us a question on https://speakpipe.com/vocalprocess After Estill – the speech they couldn’t wait to hear https://vocalprocess.co.uk/after-estill-speech-they-couldnt-wait-to-hear/ Nicola and Embodima https://www.embodima.co.uk/ Suzanne Dibble and the Small Business Legal Academy Black Friday offer of 72% off https://www.smallbusinesslegalacademy.com/black-friday-wait-list?_go=jeremy21  (Use that link until 22nd Nov, then use this one https://www.smallbusinesslegalacademy.com/black-friday?_go=jeremy21) SOVT and Oren https://Rayvox.com/?ref=Vocalprocess Voicenerdz – https://voicenerdz.co Ruth Royall and the Pocket Guide to the Voice https://www.ruthroyall.com/product-page/pocket-guide-to-the-voice Voiceover Social, Nic and Leah https://www.thevosocial.com/ Paul Meier podcast https://www.paulmeier.com/in-a-manner-of-speaking/  Cerys Matthews and Jeffrey Boakye BBC Radio 4’s Add to Playlist https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0011cd7 Michael Rosen BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth – Michael Gets Voice Training (sooo good!) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b09nvrs3 Anne Leatherland Singing Teacher’s Toolkit and Practical Phonetics https://anneleatherland.co.uk/services/ Learning Lounge and Carrie Garrett’s course https://vocal-process-hub.teachable.com/p/the-vocal-technique-learning-lounge
Nov 19 2021
37 mins
And Breathe...
Dr Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher take a deeper breath and dive lower into part 2 of breathing techniques for singers & speakers.And we shareBreathing and tongue position (with demonstrations)Is nose breathing better than mouth breathing for singers?Is there a difference in pressure between inhaling through the nose and through the mouth?Breathing, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systemWhy nasal breathing DOESN’T raise the soft palateDifferent breathing patterns (square, 2-1, coherent) and what they can teach you about your nervous systemAnd Gillyanne and Jeremy play a game of breath inflectionRESOURCESThe Vocal Process Learning Lounge - 550 resources on singing, speaking and breathing techniques for less than the price of one singing lesson https://vocal-process-hub.teachable.com/p/the-vocal-technique-learning-loungeSOVT 1 streaming course https://www.rayvox.co.uk/?ref=VOCALPROCESSSOVT 2 live online course https://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/sovt-workshopOnline Singing Teacher Training Weeks 1 & 2 https://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/singing-teacher-training-onlineThis Is A Voice: 99 exercises to train, project and harness the power of your voice https://amzn.to/3iEXQ7Z The health benefits of nose breathing by Dr Alan Ruth https://www.lenus.ie/bitstream/handle/10147/559021/JAN15Art7.pdf?fbclid=IwAR14AvvFa1KiGJ-lkStHSGxR10BBdyzrZvX2aQObp1gkU2CR_1WkHoNStu8 Can influenza viruses be inactivated by a “nose-mouth-nose” breathing technique? Carlos Sanchez https://www.ijirr.com/sites/default/files/issues-pdf/3637.pdf Ann Coxhead Osteopath https://www.anncoxhead.com/
Oct 29 2021
1 hr 1 min
THE BREATH!Singing teachers talk business!Impostor Syndrome
Sep 10 2021
50 mins
The Vocal Process Ziggurat, or What We're Doing NowSongs, Lyrics and Life with Georgia Mancio
Our special guest prizewinning jazz singer Georgia Mancio talks frankly aboutbecoming a lyricist almost by accidentcollaboration as a song-writerthe layers of a song including melody, lyrics, story and social consciencedealing with a vocal cyst as a recording artistworking with Gillyanne on voice habilitation after surgerythe difference between experiencing a performance, organising a festival, creating an album and writing song lyricswinning a best album award in 2020influences in lyric writing including bereavementand why sometimes the show mustn’t go on There’s a voicenerd moment when we talk about why Jeremy admires Georgia’s diphthongs!And we play songs from her latest collaboration with Grammy-winning pianist/composer Alan Broadbent, and Quiet Is The StarFind out more about Georgia here: https://georgiamancio.com Social media handles:Bandcamp https://georgiamancio.bandcamp.com/Instagram @GeorgiaMancio https://www.instagram.com/georgiamancio/ (click on Linktree in her bio to buy the album) Facebook GeorgiaMancioMusic https://www.facebook.com/GeorgiaMancioMusic Twitter GeorgiaMancio https://twitter.com/GeorgiaMancio YouTube GeorgiaMancio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJPZqK-hvQS_eaJt39NB64Q Georgia’s chosen charity is https://SafePassage.org.uk, supporting unaccompanied child refugees to find safety and a new start BTW Jeremy's recording equipment stopped working halfway through the interview, so the 2nd half of the podcast is taken from the zoom recording - don't judge us!If you want to find out more about Gillyanne and Jeremy's training resources, check out the brand new Vocal Process Learning Lounge - over 500 training videos and vocal resources for less than the price of one singing lessonhttps://bit.ly/VocalProcessLearningLounge
Jun 11 2021
1 hr
Vocal Folds and Hydration
Gillyanne & Jeremy tackle two controversial AMAs in this episode:What they REALLY think about "thick and thin folds", and why the topic of vocal fold hydration is so confusing.Gillyanne and Jeremy go in depth into vocal fold behaviour, why the terms thick and thin are misleading, how we can change pitch and volume while singing, and which words they now use in their teaching.And in answer to four people's questions on hydration, Jeremy shares some of the research findings on hydration (systemic and topical), why the answer to "how long does it take to hydrate" isn't as straightforward as it sounds, the different types of dehydration, and why you can drink too much water.Mentioned in the show:My supporting article on hydration and the vocal folds is here:https://vocalprocess.co.uk/hydration-vocal-folds/ The Voice Clinic Handbook (2nd edition, Harris et al) https://amzn.to/3ch17HN Verdolini-Abbott et al papershttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7823546/ Dependence of phonatory effort on hydration levelhttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12003510/ Biological mechanisms underlying voice changes due to dehydrationSivasankar & Leydon The Role of Hydration in vocal fold physiology 2010 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2925668/   Hartley & Thibeault Systemic hydration: relating science to clinical practice in vocal health 2014 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4157110/ Leydon, Wroblewski, Eichorn & Sivasankar A meta-analysis of outcomes of hydration intervention on phonation threshold pressure 2010 https://www.jvoice.org/article/S0892-1997(09)00074-5/fulltextMarshall et al Systemic but not local rehydration restores dehydration-induced changes in pulmonary function in healthy adults https://journals.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/japplphysiol.00311.2020Hydration video tutorial from the European Federation of the Association of Dieticians http://www.efad.org/en-us/euhhac-hydration-resource-center/tutorial-on-hydration/US National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement “Fluid Replacement for the Physically Active” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5634236/ MORE ABOUT USFind out more about our work in the Vocal Process Learning Lounge - 15 years of voice training resources in one place, for less than the price of one singing lessonhttps://bit.ly/VocalProcessLearningLoungeLog in to our instantly available online course on SOVT with Oren Boder here https://www.rayvox.co.uk/products/sovt-streaming-courseJoin us on a live Popup workshop - 2 hours of practical techniques, solid information and helpful activities - https://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/SingingcoursesandretreatsAMA - ask me anything. Go to https://speakpipe.com/Vocalprocess and record your question for us to answer on the podcast
May 28 2021
52 mins
Our Own Best Bits So Far Part 2
Gillyanne and I have some more best bits we'd like to share with you, this time from Series 1 Episodes 6-9 and Series 2 Episodes 1, 3 & 5.Episode 6 - The Singer in the Room. Industry sounds, why my belt isn't your belt, and at what point a singer needs to be "fixed" in their technique. And we answer Joanna's question about students and "when do you give up?"Episode 7 - Stories Behind the Stories Part 2. Behind the scenes on the Oxford Handbook of Singing, Jeremy's transcriptions of classic recordings, and the sometimes tricky business of collaborative writing.Episode 8 - Turning Points. How we've changed what Vocal Process does for us over the last 21 years, what it's like to create voice training resources in different formats, and how the biggest turning point of all changed the way we teach for good.Episode 9 - Making it work. The two things that help us create new resources for entirely different audiences - context and purpose.Series 2 Episode 1 - What's in Your Mug? Gillyanne explains what sparked the idea, and Jeremy describes two staples of every course we teach - the WOW Card and the Lionel Card.Series 2 Episode 3 - Analysing Voices and Relationships. What we listen for, how we use reverse engineering, how to sound the same as someone else without "cloning", and Jeremy demonstrates one of our signature vocal techniques in a line from "South Pacific".Series 2 Episode 5 - Registers, What's in a Name? We tackle one of the biggest cans of worms in vocal training,  Vocal Registers. M1/M2, Chest/Head, Modal/Falsetto. We talk about Mixing, and Jeremy demonstrates a whole heap of mixes in M1 and M2, featuring and disguising his primary gearchange.Mentioned in this episode:Our brand new Vocal Process Learning Lounge: 15 years of groundbreaking voice training resources (over 500 training videos) available in full for less than the price of one singing lesson https://vocal-process-hub.teachable.com/p/the-vocal-technique-learning-loungeThe Online Singing Teacher Training https://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/singing-teacher-training-onlineHow to Accompany Your Singing Students ebook https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-accompany-your-singing-students-ebook/dp/B07DPTDWHXOxford Handbook of Singing https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oxford-Handbook-Singing-Library-Psychology/dp/0199660778Why Do I Need A Vocal Coach https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B084QDLT7C/
May 13 2021
1 hr 10 mins
Our Own Best Bits So Far Part 1The Guest Best Bits So Far
The theme for World Voice Day 2021 (April 16th) is One World, Many Voices.To celebrate being part of that One World of voice, we thought it would be great to hear the best bits from our vocal expert guests.We start with the first of our #LockdownHeroes, our SOVT expert Oren BoderOren made four appearances altogether on Podcasts 10, 11, 13 and 14 answering your SOVT questions and sharing so many insights.James Sills, author of Do Sing and creator of The Sofa Singers, shared some moving thoughts in Season 1, Episode 12 on community, singing in a group, and the Sofa Singers manifesto.Season 2 Episode 2 was a fun podcast with VOSocial leaders and voiceover experts Nic Redman and Leah Marks. We had a hoot arguing about tea, butter and being a bit lentilly.And we finish with Phoene Cave in Season 2 Episode 4 on breathing, lung health and Covid. Check out Phoene's heartfelt and challenging thoughts at the beginning of her episode.We're giving a special World Voice Day shoutout to Dr Marisa Lee Naismith and her new podcast A Voice And Beyond. We were guests ourselves on her podcast this month, and our chat is spread out over two episodes for World Voice Day (really, once we get going you can't get a word in edgeways...) https://drmarisaleenaismith.com/podcast/ The SOVT Course we talk about with Oren is now available immediately as a streaming course. Click on https://www.rayvox.co.uk/?ref=VOCALPROCESS and scroll down! Gillyanne reads out a section of James's book Do Sing - here's a link to the book itself https://www.amazon.co.uk/Do-Sing-Reclaim-Voice-Singing/dp/1907974709 Check out the excellent VOSocial podcast for everything to do with spoken voice and voiceovers https://www.thevosocial.com/the-vo-social-podcast, and a quick mention to Nic's new podcast The Voice Coach Podcast - look for it on your favourite podcast player. Phoene Cave's website http://www.themusicalbreath.com/ has details of her training courses on Singing for Lung Health with a host of resources for you to enjoy  If you want to find out more about Gillyanne and Jeremy's training resources, check out the brand new Vocal Process Learning Lounge - over 500 training videos and vocal resources for less than the price of one singing lessonhttps://bit.ly/VocalProcessLearningLounge
Apr 16 2021
39 mins
Registers - what's in a name?Singing, lung health & COVID - with Phoene CaveAnalysing voices and relationshipsVoice, Voiceovers and VoiceoverSocialWhat's in your mug?SOVT AMA part 2 part 2! More of your questionsOren Boder returns with more SOVT AMAs
Nov 26 2020
33 mins
LockdownHeroes - James Sills Do Sing & Sofa Singers
Dr Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher chat with another of their own #LockdownHeroes, James Sills. James is a passionate choral leader, the founder of The Sofa Singers, and the author of Do Sing. James shares how Sofa Singers ran from a quirky idea to international recognition (almost overnight), why singing together is vital for our wellbeing, and how his background shaped his view of music as an everyday essential.Do Sing is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats from the DoBook Company https://thedobook.co/products/do-sing-reclaim-your-voice-find-your-singing-tribe or Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Do-Sing-Reclaim-Voice-Singing/dp/1907974709You can get more information on James's choirs here:The Sofa Singers https://www.thesofasingers.com/All James's choirs including the Bebington Bitter Men can be found here https://www.jamessillsmusic.co.uk/regular-choirs-singing-sessions/And you can find out more about forest bathing here https://www.forestbathewales.co.uk/https://twitter.com/jsillsmusichttps://www.facebook.com/jsillsmusic/https://www.instagram.com/jsillsmusic/This episode is sponsored by the Amazon #1 bestseller This Is A Voice: 99 exercises to train, project and harness the power of your voice.Offering step-by-step vocal exercises for speaking voice, singing voice (classical and contemporary), mimicry, ventriloquism and beatboxing, we can safely say there is no other vocal technique book like it.https://www.amazon.co.uk/This-Voice-exercises-project-harness/dp/1999809025/
Nov 12 2020
53 mins
LockdownHeroes - Oren Boder SOVT pt 2 AMAs!
SOVT expert Oren Boder answers six of the top AMAs we received on semi-occluded vocal tract exercises & science. We discuss:Why the angle of the straw in water might make a difference - 3.50Why you might be bypassing the benefits of straws without realising it - 5.30Why matching resistance of your straw to your personal glottal impedance is important, and when to break that rule! - 7.10Understanding the relationship between the depth of the water and the resistance (as opposed to how full the bottle is) - 12.40What Eruptive Bubbling is, what causes it and why Oren doesn't recommend it - 14.30And Jeremy joins in with information on SOVT and playing a wind instrumentYou can get Oren's brilliant metal straw (we highly recommend it) from https://www.sovtstraw.com/?ref=VOCALPROCESS - use the code Vocalprocess to get 15% off your shiny new strawYou can learn more about SOVT techniques on Oren's online (hands off) course here https://www.ob1.co.uk/sovt.html?ref=VOCALPROCESS (10% off with the code VocalProcess)Or join Oren, Gillyanne and Jeremy for a LIVE online course here https://store.vocalprocess.co.uk/sovt-workshopWatch Jeremy and Gillyanne use the straw when they coach Musical Theatre vocal and performance techniques https://www.ob1.co.uk/mmt.html?ref=VOCALPROCESSThis episode is sponsored by the One Minute Voice Warmup App, a collaboration between https://vocalprocess.co.uk and https://Speechtools.coOffering vocal warmup exercises lasting 1 minute or less, the App has been approved by the NHS for healthy voice and Covid-19 related voice work.AppleAndroidDoctor Vox https://www.doctorvox.co.uk/shop/Lax Vox http://laxvox.com/eng/index.html
Oct 28 2020
50 mins