Ep. 57 - To Speak or Not to Speak - Interacting with the Police Part 1

Is This Legal?

May 21 2021 • 41 mins

Get your notepads out! Episode 57 is overflowing with useful advice. In this one, Russ and Colin go over what to say and do, and more importantly what NOT to say and do, when you're dealing with the police in situations that come up in criminal defense all the time. When the cops stop you on the street and ask your name, what should you say? When they execute a traffic stop and ask if you know why you were pulled over, what should you say? All these questions and more are up for review. Also, the guys interview Klint Rudolph and go through the ever-riotous Dumb Criminal of the Week segment. With an episode this good, it would be criminal to skip it!

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