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Some dynamic duos solve crime, some commit crime, and some just like to talk about it. Get comfortable and let premier Denver criminal defense attorneys Russell Hebets and Colin McCallin break down legal issues for you in a lighthearted, easy-to-follow style. Whether you're looking for advice that might help you out of a jam, or you're interested in legal current events from around the country, or you just want to sound smart at a party, the guys at Is This Legal? have you covered.Credit to Jason Tohtz for his stellar sound engineering and epic original podcast compositions.
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Ep. 66 - Is Kyle Rittenhouse Guilty?
Ep. 66 - Is Kyle Rittenhouse Guilty?Ep. 65 - You're Under Arrest! (But I'm Not a Cop): Ahmaud Arbery, Confederate Flags, and Citizen ArrestsEp. 64- The Gabby Petito Murder Part 2 – Strangulation, Domestic Violence & The Moab Police DepartmentEp. 63 The Gabby Petito Murder. Are Brian Laundrie's Parents Liable?Ep. 62 - Karen Garner and the Downfall of Loveland PD, Featuring Sarah SchielkeEp. 61 - Murder without a Body?  The Barry Morphew CaseEp. 60 - Do Guilty People Deserve a Legal Defense? Featuring Donald Cameron Clark Jr.Ep. 59 - What Chrissy Teigen Teaches us About Cyber BullyingEp. 58 - To Record or Not to Record - Interacting with the Police Part 2Ep. 57 - To Speak or Not to Speak - Interacting with the Police Part 1Ep. 56 When Does Resisting Arrest Become Resisting Arrest?Ep. 55 - Derek Chauvin - Guilty and Prison BoundEp. 54 - Do You Have a Right to Hate? How America Treats Bias-Motivated CrimeEp. 53 - Take a Gander at This Slander: Sidney Powell, Defamation, and Amish FacebookEp. 52 Barking Mad: Dogs and the LawEp. 51 The Tragedy of Elijah McClainEp. 50 Fake it Until You're Indicted: The Elizabeth Holmes StoryEp. 49 - Q&A Mailbag - Ask the Experts!Ep. 48 Insurrection at the CapitolEp. 47 - Bail and Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters, Oh My!