Am I the Genius?

Learn something Genius today -- Am I the Genius? is a show all about collective experiences, each topic with our own comedic spin on it! You can expect a new episode every day with topics ranging from asking Doctors "What Happens when Surgery goes Wrong?" to asking about the "Moment that made a Calm Person Snap". Submit your own stories at 📝 full videos on 📺 talk to us on 📸Instagram too: @amithegenius read less

Our Editor's Take

The Am I the Genius? podcast shares funny stories and strange situations experienced by individuals. Each episode focuses on a question that the show's community answers on Reddit. The hosts share the community's answers using different voices and accents. They also share the comments that respond to these answers.

Am I the Genius? features varied questions. Each question encourages the podcast community to share their dumbest and funniest stories. "Have you ever walked in on someone in their birthday suit?" and "What's the worst thing that's happened at your family gathering?" Some of the prompts can be more serious and complex. In one episode, Dungeons & Dragons players discuss the most creative characters from the game.

In the episode "What's a Surprisingly WELL-PAID Job?" community members share details of their salaries. In "What's the Most OVERRATED Video Game of ALL TIME?" users discuss the games they don't enjoy. The topic of another installment is "in-laws from hell" stories. This results in a mix of both amusing and tragic family anecdotes. Listeners also relay stories about games of Truth or Dare on the podcast.

Some segments share questions that target specific professions or groups of people. One features doctors. They answer, "What's the best reaction you've seen from a dad during the birth of his child?" Another episode explores identical twins. They share the craziest ways they have abused their powers of mistaken identity.

Am I the Genius? may appeal to those looking for some easy escapism. Listeners may enjoy relatable content about tricky situations. The show aims to help them understand how to deal with things like roommates, job interviews, and parents. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. Several new episodes of the podcast air each week. There is also an extensive playlist of previous installments for listeners to revisit.

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