Make your company a great place to work, with Emma Sleep’s Andreas Westendörpf

People Changing Enterprises

Mar 19 2023 • 13 mins

Every company pays lip service to building a great culture where people trust each other, feel free to challenge each other, and openness and transparency are the name of the game. But building that kind of culture doesn't happen without work - and more importantly, a set of principles against which to work. Andreas Westendörpf (CTO, Emma Sleep) has transformed several organizations from slow and complex to agile and innovative - and he says the company culture must transform along with the technology, if you want to be in the 21st century as a business. In this episode, Andreas lays out the principles that Emma Sleep has used to build a culture of openness, trust, and transparency - and how Andreas thinks about management, leadership, and the principles of human motivation to underpin his team's participation in this culture and the company's success.

0:58 What it means to "share early, broadly, and openly" inside a company
2:37 Why a bit of "chaotic noise" is okay, and actually needed, for a healthy culture
3:58 What metaphor Emma sleep uses for their team instead of "family"
5:32 Dan Pink's methodology for motivation, applied to the workplace
9:26 Build a team you want to work in
11:06 Don't become a manager