Confidence Series: Don't Say You Are Sorry

The UnCaged™ Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood

Jun 29 2020 • 26 mins

Confidence Series:  Stop Saying You are Sorry All the TIME!

Hi Boss,

On an average day, walking through a grocery store, I hear women (mostly) constantly saying they are sorry! Like ALOT!

When in fact, the other person ran into them! Or worse, they are just standing there! It is nuts. In our society, we are programmed to say ‘I am Sorry!’ all of the time, even if we did not say or do anything. It is crazy!

In the video, it is NOT an interview, is part of a course my dear friend and bad ass business woman did, where we are teaching and educating people on how to own your power by being AWARE and not saying you are sorry!

Be the BOSS of your WORLD!

Heather Havenwood