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NFTs' | Metaverse | Crypto | Creator Economy | New Media | Entrepreneur This is your home for REAL, OPEN, HONEST and Alternative Business and Lifestyle conversations with the influencers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders from Today. No BS. No Agenda. NO FEAR! UnCage Your Wealth, Money, Marketing, Mindset, Health Heather Havenwood (Chief Sexy Boss) winner of the 2020 Media Award from Woman of Achievement, winner of 2020 Most Innovative Woman of the Year in Social Media from Stevie Awards. Are you ready to UnCage Yourself? We have all felt a little closed in, shut down or separated from our lives recently. I believe that our world will be saved by the rise of the Citizen Reporter, the individual, the entrepreneur, who is willing to step out of the cage, and have a voice, share their passion, live their dream. I will be interviewing Influencers, Creatives, Business Leaders, and cutting edge innovators on the latest of technology, living, health and wealth. It is time, to UnCage Yourself: UnCage Your Mind, Your Money, Mindset, Health and Your Spirit. Now is the Time to Step AWAY from the Cage, and Be Free to truly live the life you design - verses the cage that was placed on you. UnCage Yourself! -Heather Ann Havenwood 2020 Stevie Award Winner - Most Innovative Woman of the Year - Social Media 2020 Ms. Texas - Woman of Acheivement 2019- Media Award Winner 2019 - Speaker of the Year - Modern Profits Heather Ann is on a mission to help 10,000 women be financially free through owning and running their own business and to end sex trafficking in North America. read less


UnCage Your Prosperity 2021
Nov 30 2020
UnCage Your Prosperity 2021
In this episode, I share my thanks giving 2020, and about my uncovering my CAGED Relationship with Money.It goes back - FAR! Very FAR! 7 generations back of women in my family. What is your relationship with money?How I began the dig in, is that I sat down and asked myself - what was my mothers relationship to money? from age 1-7. What did she say? What did she feel about money, what did she say about Money?I began to see the following:'Men make money. I don't know how to make money. men have all the money. women are not designed to make money. get money from men. 'This old old society paradigm impacted my life, it impacted how I saw myself as 'capable' or 'worthy' to receive and earn money on my own, without 'help from a man' or 'working for a man' or 'building for a man'. All of those old paradigms have been running the story lines! Now that I can see them, they can be changed! And since money paradigms can be changed for me, they can be changed for you! I made my first dollar from selling an ebook online in 2001. I have been a part of many information marketing businesses over the years. This '2020' slow down, has given me an opportunity to write out the blueprint that has consistency worked over and over again. I am officially opening my doors for Influencer Tribe. Influencer Tribes mission is to help people expand their life by sharing, teaching, educating, inspiring and influencing others with their knowledge and expertise. We believe that online influencers are the new leaders for our new world. Influencer Tribe: UnCage Your Prosperity