19. Managing Yourself In Your Business (incl. Mini Training)

The Art of Business

Sep 10 2022 • 19 mins

I'm going through a reinvention myself and I'm sharing in this episode the most prevalent blocks I had to work through and that my clients are currently experiencing, too. We are together in this massive growth container where we put the pedal on warp speed toward our dream future.

It can get dizzy.

But listen.

In this episode I'm sharing with you the most potent exercise you can do right now to create more ease in your growth.

You're welcome. See you inside.

I'm Lilly Beyond, a self employed and LCS Certified Life Coach since 2018 with chronic headaches, burnout survivor, undiagnosed ADD, and seasonal depression. I chose to not let those challenging circumstances not stop me any more. And I want to show you here how you can do, too.

• How to identify if you're running your business with the asshole CEO briefing
• The exact 3 questions you have to answer that will safe you 10.000€ in Business Strategy Workshops if done right
• Why you might feel stagnant and restless right now

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