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The Art of Business begins where logic ends. Time to step up, rise beyond mediocracy, and discover how being successful *actually* feel like. Plug into Lilly's stream of flow + spark + momentum to stand out in and with your business, inside out. The world needs us. Stop standing in your own way and fully own your calling to becoming an example of what's possible in life+business. You becoming an independent entrepreneur & leader is the biggest service you will ever do to your purpose and your community. Ready to take off? Let's get to work. Work with Lilly: read less

15. Permission To Make Money (5/5)
Jul 15 2022
15. Permission To Make Money (5/5)
Day 5 of 5 Days of Permission, my FREE deep personal responsibility challenge: Permission To Make Money. Ready to attract more abundance in your financial life? Start with this session today. 9 out of 10 clients struggle with that, when they first start coaching with me. They tell me, that they have a hard time to ask for money in exchange for their life-changing service. And worst of all: They think they are alone with this thinking. Time to clean up the mess around charging money for meaningful service. This is my gem, to help good people create good money. There IS an ethical way to charge money and I'm going to show you how. But first, we have to clean up some beliefs. Let's dive in. --- YOU'RE INVITED. Join us in '5 Days of Permission', my FREE deep personal responsibility challenge. We will uncover 5 of the most common, yet mostly unknown blocks that keep you from creating your aligned, in demand, thriving service-based business. Download the free workbook to 10x your return on your time invested. This is your change to be smart about your choices and create an unshakable foundation for your soulful business venture It's time to tear down those invisible fences and see what you're actually capable of. You coming? I'm Lilly Beyond, a self employed and LCS Certified Life Coach since 2018 with chronic headaches, undiagnosed ADD, and an introvert with seasonal depression. I chose to not let those challenging circumstances not stop me any more. And I want to show you here how you can do, too. --- FEATURED ON THE SHOW • Download the free workbook that I created especially for this occasion. It is packed with juicy reflecting questions that will cast light in your darkest corners and help you feel more empowered, connected, and driven than ever before. [download free workbook here]