S2E2: Learning From the Past to Predict the Future with CSCMP Leaders Tom Nightingale and Terry Esper

Tennessee on Supply Chain Management

Oct 19 2023 • 37 mins

For the second episode of Season 2, Ted Stank and Tom Goldsby speak with Terry Esper, professor of logistics at Ohio State University and Chair Elect for CSCMP, and Tom Nightingale, CEO of AFS Logistics and chairman of the board for CSCMP.

They discuss professional development in the supply chain industry and highlight the paradigm shifts in organizational structures and talent acquisition strategies. Listen as Nightingale shares the latest initiatives by CSCMP, the growing trend of corporate memberships, the importance of local round tables, and the future of supply chain education.

From the changing dynamics of professional organizations to the strategic engagement of CSCMP members, this episode is loaded with actionable insights that will redefine your understanding of the industry.

Listen in as our co-hosts also discuss the near government shutdown, UAW strike, low water levels in the Panama Canal and Mississippi River, the Iran oil agreements, and more.

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