Tennessee on Supply Chain Management

University of Tennessee, Knoxville's Global Supply Chain Institute

Join Ted Stank and Tom Goldsby in their pursuit to prove that the constantly evolving field of supply chain management is more fun than you think. Take a leap onto the ships of supply chain, crowd surf into the long lines of meeting holiday demand, and wade into the depths of warehouse inventory buildup with these supply chain experts, University of Tennessee, Knoxville professors, and long-time friends. Timely topics, intriguing guests, and lively banter will make Tennessee on Supply Chain Management your new favorite podcast.

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00 - Proving SCM Is More Fun Than You Think
08 - Trucking and Transportation: What You Need to Know07 - Bonus Episode: Live from GSCI's Supply Chain Forum: a panel discussion on what it's like to join the industry as a recent grad07 - Will There Be A New World Order in Supply Chain?06 - Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery05 - Bonus Episode: The Economic Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Its Affect on Supply Chain04 - Is LEAN Dead?03 - Demand Shaping and the Future of Ports02 - Economic Impacts of Transportation and Labor Shortage01 - Will the port snarl affect Santa's deliveries?00 - Proving SCM Is More Fun Than You Think