13: Pura Vida - Costa Rica’s Sustainable Success Story

Trade Wins by the World Trade Centers Association

Aug 12 2021 • 41 mins

Topics in this conversation include:

  • Minister Valenciano explains "Pura Vida" and how that portrays the culture and happiness of Costa Rica as well as how happiness is measured in countries around the world. 2:12
  • Long-standing democracy and the recognition of the importance of universal education, social security and universal health care have all led to the political and social stability of Costa Rica. 8:01
  • Minister Valenciano discusses Costa Rica's focus on sustainable development, explaining their work to reverse deforestation, awarding of Payments for Environmental Services and why the people of Costa Rica understand the purpose behind sustainability. 12:53
  • Costa Rica looks for trading partners who have the same vision for driving job creation, environmental goals, gender equality, digitalization of services and e-commerce. 23:34
  • The Buyers Trade Mission is a 3-week event that will be hosted by Costa Rica in late September 2021 to showcase the diversity of products that can be found in Costa Rica and to connect potential buyers with exporters of goods from Costa Rica. 30:57