25 - Prepare for Probing, Distinguished Gentlemen and British Racing Green with Sparkles

The Tinsmen Podcast

Jul 26 2023 • 1 hr 47 mins

Stout and whiskey – a questionable combination

Warroora Wrap up

Keelz is officially in old cunt territory a mint boys trip was had to commemorate; a story about a fish none of them caught  – but Johnsy is still claiming both Skipper and boat dad credits for; there’s no need to exaggerate already bragworthy fish, but Red Rooster Rotisserie Rankin IS worth bragging about.

Anal probing is imminent – the lads have checked with an actual scientist.

There is such thing as a stupid question. With answers to match.

Garz went for a ride with a bunch of Distinguished Gentlemen. Met some bloke who drives racecars.

Keelz wants to go for a drive with some distinguished gentlemen so has engaged the services of a questionable bloke to paint his car a colour he’s never seen. Who may be a squatter. Undoubtedly exposed to a lot of paint fumes. Stay tuned for this success story. In any case Keelz cares more about Parmi’s than what colour his car gets painted.

Lipstickin’ the pig

Garz is going full F1 yuppie and taking his Kids to Monza. Stay tuned for how that turns out. And if his missus has gone full F1 groupie

Umbrellas need regulation.

Is Midstrength and Stones Mac the peak? Because TEDs certainly fucking weren’t!

Geriatric rappers

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