20 - Cherry Faces, Old man Chats and the Escalation of Sex Toys

The Tinsmen Podcast

Feb 13 2023 • 1 hr 52 mins

Happy New Beers Tinners!

Yeah, yeah, we're a couple of weeks in, but being the first for '23, it's gotta be said.

The boys kick off 2023 talking about what they'd do if they won lotto; Post-chrissy catch up. Pud (of course); the face Garz pulls while eating Glace Cherries; Is it Glassed, Glass, Glazed, Glah-say, or Glazeer cherries? Ham. So. Much Ham. Prawn face d!cks. Aaaaaand what everyone got (or didn't get) for christmas feat. 3 phase banana cleaners - It's for ya d!ck.  Cringy Christmas Photo creates the peak of 2023.

Which leads into Travelling Australia With Dildos; The lads have clearly missed the escalation in the sex toy game and when the volume of said toys came to be a consideration.

In a sign of getting old and having shit to do, Mid-stery Beers is born. Craft beer tasting paddles should just all be middies. The best pub urinal in Australia; Public Toilet etiquette; Toilets in public.

Old Man Chats - Poo Clocks

Moths vs Butterflies means c-section kids can’t close doors. Lying to kids is OK if there’s benefits for adults; Garz is scared of wasps.

Human zoos on Facebook and Facebook Muppetplace.

Are chaps arseless or crotchless?; Why is Keelz dick cold?; Masood Boogaard – Self Help Singh – F@ck your teams meeting;  RunTMP Joins the Party and Aunty Tras’Meat Market/Aunty Tras’ Judgy Bitch School


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