29 - Nice to Meet You, I Love You - Lachie Sheridan - Perth Dude Food

The Tinsmen Podcast

Nov 30 2023 • 2 hrs 46 mins

The boys have been let out in public and took the oppourtunity (geddit?) to head to PHAT Brew Club and catch  up with Lachie from Perth Dude Food (Insta, TikTok) and No Crying in the Cool Room Podcast (YT, Insta, TikTok and all good poddy spots).

A mint arvo of Yarns, Tasty Beers (Special mention to the Phat and Juicy NEIPA) and some equally tasty burgers was had and the result is some very confused PHAT patrons and this here poddy.

Massive shout out to PHAT, absolute bunch of legends. If you're in the area, drop in for a beer and a feed. It's a bloody tops joint.

Poddy Fodder Including, but not limited to:

There’s what in Hoegarden? And having to give clothing for it. Still didn’t stop the Cleps though.

Respect for OnlyFanners. But not for creeps.

Even though we usually fail at putting stuff in the show notes, @summerofnikkivale on Insta for Lachies PIC for park barbie cook ups.

Stuff you can cook on. Stuff you can cook. Food stuff. Dude food stuff. He’s a Chef who makes food content, you get the idea. But also some backstory that hopefully is new to you.

Social media-ing & Food Critic-ing for people who hate social media and food critics.

Kids say the shittiest things.

Trolling primary school Karens.

Large String instruments.

Spending formative years overseas and losing track of all the times you been detained at borders.

Dude food. In Perth. Obviously.

Celebrity Chefs.

Unnecessary pronunciations of food stuff.


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