EP 238: He sold 3 of his businesses for over $300m...

The Dan Bradbury Podcast

Nov 30 2023 • 43 mins

On this week's podcast I interview Trevor G. Blake.

Trevor has sold 3 of his businesses for over $300m!!!

That makes him a man worth listening to in my opinion. And if that's not enough, he's also a 3x New York Times bestselling author.

In this podcast we talk about:
- How he managed to get his work schedule down to to 2 hours per day and be even more productive
- How he succeeded 3 times in an industry where only 1 in 5000 succeed
- His scientific approach to business success
- The 3 habits he discovered were common among successful people and how to replicate them
- Why you should never share your goals with others
- And much more!

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To learn more about Trevor:

The Practical Magic to the 5 Hour Work Day https://threesimplesteps.com


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