1.02 – First Day on the Job – Nightfall

Dice Punks

May 15 2021 • 2 hrs 7 mins

Nightfall continues! In this episode, our new Nobilis barely start to settle in before they receive their first official marching orders and head to the swamp... Check out REIGN and Nobilis! Fungal "roots" are called "mycelium"As the poet said... "Whoever Brings the Night," by NightwishInspiration for the challenge this time came from folklore and Shadowrun! “Theme of the Dice Punks,” “Cliffhanger Fanfare,” and “Dice Peeks Fanfare” by Drew Messinger-Michaels. Art by Joanne Spotswood. Visit us on the web at dicepunks.com and on Twitter at @dicepunks, or email us as dicepunks@gmail.com! Our Patreon is www.patreon.com/DicePunks — backers can gain access to our patron-only Discord, Dice Peeks aftershow, and more! Dice Punks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.