The One Superpower Every Great Leader Has In Common

Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth with Dr. Caneel Joyce

Feb 22 2022 • 26 mins

Let’s activate your superpower and create a life you love to lead by using the practice of presence. Bringing your focus inward is the paradigm shift in leadership development and personal growth.

Think of this episode as Conscious Leadership 101-  a quick and fundamental guide to the power of presence. Start back at the basics and learn what presence is and its wide array of uses. You can use presence to reduce anxiety, gain clarity, improve focus and productivity, and more.

Learn how to use a variety of simple ways to help you return to mindfulness when you find yourself straying from presence. Throughout this coaching session, you will discover why presence is essential to conscious leadership, then explore the personal and professional benefits of living a mindful life.


00:00 Intro
04:06 Conscious leadership involves presence
06:18 What is presence?
08:04 You are allowed to be present
9:50 What presence looks and feels like
12:50 9 quick and simple ways to be present