Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth with Dr. Caneel Joyce

Caneel Joyce

It's not what you do that matters, it's how you show up. By being purposeful in how you live and lead, you deeply influence your success. Allowed, with Dr. Caneel Joyce, offers practical coaching lessons and insightful conversations to empower you to lead intentionally. Learn to live fully-engaged, push boundaries, and be seen and heard as the leader you are. Caneel will help you grow further, faster. Each week's episode encourages you to grow in self-awareness, purpose, intention, and presence in your leadership of yourself and others. Start today to connect with yourself in ways you never have before and experience life in a new way. Get free tools to enhance your learnings at Allowedpodcast.com
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Oct 6 2019
1 min
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Expressing your gratitude for things that feel profound, positive, and important feels straightforward and easy. However, being grateful for that which we find most challenging is not usually something we consider or put into practice. Finding gratitude for the challenges you face allows you to take back control of something that may have felt beyond your control. When challenging moments and obstacles arise, we can easily slip into a state of powerlessness or victimhood that, in conscious leadership, would be described as being in the drama triangle, where we perceive life as happening to us and being against us. Living a life of conscious presence means that you acknowledge all aspects of your life as serving a purpose for your benefit and growth.With the complex pivots and particular set of challenges 2021 has entailed, this Thanksgiving holiday in the US presents a unique opportunity to revisit one of Allowed’s first episodes, originally aired in 2019. Focused on gratitude in honor of the American Thanksgiving holiday, this personal episode touches upon the value challenges bring to our lives, the beautiful complexity of family, and being thankful for and celebrating differences. Throughout the episode, explore the distinction between entitlement and appreciation and the results you can see born out of these two very different mindsets. During Heather and I’s conversation, you will also hear how creating a community of gratitude can transform your own mindset. Across the globe over the past two years, humanity has faced life-changing challenges, strife, division, and loss. These challenges, while immensely difficult, have also provided an incredible opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and face many truths we did not have the will or opportunity to face before. Shifting our mindsets around these challenges and examining how this might be exactly the right thing for you right now can hugely benefit both your personal and interpersonal growth. When you accept the challenge of looking at every aspect of your life with a grateful mindset, you may find yourself feeling more powerful and motivated than ever before.
Nov 23 2021
1 hr 12 mins
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