The Importance of Opening Up The World to New Ideas and Perspectives Featuring Anna DeShawn

The Rutledge Perspective Podcast

Mar 29 2023 • 51 mins

Let’s close out Women’s History Month with a bang! In this special episode of The Rutledge Perspective, I am joined by none other than Chicago-born media professional and social entrepreneur, Anna DeShawn! Anna is the Founder & CEO of E3 Radio which is an online radio station playing Queer music & reporting on Queer news with an intersectional lens. She is also the Co-Founder & CEO of The Qube, a podcast production company and curated platform to discover the best music & podcasts by BIPOC & QTPOC creatives.

Anna is determined to ride media into its next era by utilizing online radio streams to tell the stories and play the music that needs to be heard. Having seen the lack of investment in the podcasting space when it comes to people of color, Anna is on a mission to give a voice to the voiceless and share fresh perspectives with the world. As I like to say, Anna gives people not in those communities a safe place to be curious.

Along with her sharing her vision for the future as it pertains to podcasting, Anna also shares with us how she developed a love for media. From growing up admiring Robin Roberts to studying TV production at Drake University and serving different roles on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Anna’s always been involved in the media production process in one way or another and she isn’t stopping any time soon! However, this episode is much deeper than media production. This show is about someone with multiple marginalized identities standing on the shoulders of those that came before her and sharing different perspectives with hopes to open people’s minds and push society forward.

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🔑 You should be able to be whoever you are wherever you go!

🔑 Culture exists at the intersections. That’s the true beauty of life.

🔑 Take in as many perspectives as possible. Ideas and perspectives are based on someone else’s lived experiences. These perspectives will help you build your own foundation for who you are.

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Go listen to The Qube! Here’s a link. Take in some new perspectives.

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