Maximizing Your Human Capital: Why Leaders Need to Understand that People Are Their Biggest Asset

The Rutledge Perspective Podcast

Feb 8 2023 • 18 mins

Let’s talk about the concept of people being assets or human capital. Have you ever heard that it’s wrong to call a person an asset? Well, I’m here to challenge that thought! People are absolutely an asset. Actually, as a leader, they are the greatest asset that you can have. Context matters folks. The word asset isn’t a problem, it’s how we treat people and how we treat assets in our organization that’s the problem.

If we are going to drive our businesses, companies, and even personal relationships forward, we must invest our time, energy, and resources into people. The purpose of this episode is to get you to maximize your human capital. Once you invest in the best assets (people), they will create the best profits!

Takeaways 📝

🔑 Value your assets as much as you value profit.

🔑 Remember this: mission first, people always.

🔑 There’s a difference between irreplaceable and expendable.

Homework 📚

If you are a business owner or a leader of a company, ask yourself- are your words and actions in alignment as it pertains to the resources, time, and energy spent on the people that you claim are your biggest asset?

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