Marketing Hotseat with a Graphic Designer: Meet Stephanie Audette Connor, Nurturer

Marketing for Humans

Apr 27 2021 • 38 mins

Marketing for Humans: Bringing the Human Back into Marketing.
Hello. I’m Christina Frei, founder of Innate Marketing Genius, where how you love to help people informs how you get business. Do you know your deepest why in serving others?  I have identified 5 Innate Marketing Genius types, and knowing your type answers this question. The types  include Nurturers, Adventure Guides, Door Openers, Steady Presences, and Celebrators.  Discover your genius type here.

Season 5: Marketing Hotseats

I decided that I needed to show the magic of people’s deepest why in action.  In Season 5 of Marketing for Humans, I get to do this. I put myself in a Marketing Hotseat,  invite dynamic entrepreneurs as my guests, and act as my guest’s marketing consultant for 45 minutes or so.  If you want some calmer, more authentic marketing ideas, these are your episodes.

Sometimes, you’ll even get the input of my colleague, Jenn Wentworth, a digital marketing expert based in New Hampshire.

Today we talk to Stephanie Audette Connor, a graphic designer based in Worcester County, Massachusetts.  Stephanie does beautiful work with clients, a great person to hire for a re-design, and she started with a BFA in graphic design from MassArt.  Then after working at a few agencies, Stephanie stuck out on her own and hasn’t looked back since.  In my Pepperlane community, I hear good things about Stephanie consistently, and today we’re going to look at her marketing through the lens of a Nurturer. That means Stephanie loves to make it safe for others to thrive. This factors into her work as a graphic designer and her marketing decisions, which you will see in a moment.  Please welcome, Stephanie Audette Connor.

Meet with Christina

Stephanie Audette Connor