Why the Dreaded 'Hey Girl' Message STILL Doesn’t Work!

RoxTalks: The Podcast for Network Marketers

Jan 10 2024 • 28 mins

In this episode, we re-visit the dreaded "hey girl" message. We recently discovered a new flavor of the message and had to share our thoughts on it. Then in for that and then discover the importance of transparent communication, business evolution, and accessible information in the digital age.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • New Year's Misconceptions: The misconception that the start of a new year automatically brings significant changes.
  • Persistence of Challenges: Despite the anticipation of change with the new year, certain challenges and issues persist, such as receiving unexpected "hey girl" messages.
  • Social Media Marketing: We discuss the challenges of using social media for genuine connections versus marketing.
  • Transparent Communication: We highlight the importance of transparent communication in networking and marketing and the need for honesty about intentions rather than disguising sales pitches.
  • Evolution in Business: We stress the need for businesses to evolve with the changing times, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and keeping up with trends.
  • Accessibility of Information: We touch on the significance of making information easily accessible, both for potential customers and team members, and the importance of a user-friendly online presence.