[EP:35] Acceptance. My current coping mechanism. - Amber B Skylar

VOICES with Amber B Skylar

Jul 23 2021 • 57 mins

I've had the hardest time actually accepting that I am disabled from Chronic Post Traumatic Stress. When I hear words like "mental illness" even though I know its not an illness, I have cringed over the years of my growth, telling myself I was going to "fix this". I actually had a plan to clean myself up and change - just like that. Only recently, with the help of an excellent therapist, am I beginning to understand my own behavior and life choices, judgments, and my brain and body (Central Nervous System) algorithm - my bodies adaptation and behavioral outcomes that seem permanent and limiting - and what I am learning as I discover more about who I am, who I have become and how all of this has shaped my perception about being alive and human.

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