Importance of Diversity in the Landscape and Planting to Replace

Talking Trees with Davey Tree

Apr 11 2024 • 19 mins

Josh Fritz from Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, in the Boston North Shore office, talks about Doug's dying oak forest and how he can slowly replace the trees that have succumbed to oak wilt, as well as why planting a diversity of species in your landscape is so important.

In this episode we cover:

  • Planting diversity (0:35)
  • Street trees (2:03)
  • What to replace a Bradford pear with (3:39)
  • Replacing Doug's oak forest (5:32)
  • Understory trees (7:25)
  • Spring planting in Boston (8:51)
  • Evergreens for forested areas (10:44)
  • Red buds (12:43)
  • Winter in Boston (14:19)
  • Sugar maples (15:38)
  • A tree Josh wishes was planted more (16:35)

To find your local Davey office, check out our find a local office page to search by zip code.

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