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41. Changing The Cannabis Medicine Narrative with Nurse Ashley Wynn Grimes
Oct 28 2021
41. Changing The Cannabis Medicine Narrative with Nurse Ashley Wynn Grimes
Get the show notes and more info here: MaryZeal.com/41 Ways to Support High on Self Care: Buy Me a Joint Shop Mary Zeal’s Favorite CBD Products Free Cannabis Wellness Resources Music Produced by LgTheProducer    I had a deep and inspiring chat with a licensed professional in the realm of medical cannabis. And... she just so happens to come from the same hood as me! Meet Ashley Wynn-Grimes BSN, RN is the Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC, advisor of Cannabis Nurses of Color, and author of children’s book “Asa’s Medicine.” Native to Baltimore, MD, Wynn-Grimes, a Black female entrepreneur and widely respected medical professional, Wynn-Grimes is dedicated to empowering patients and nursing professionals to make informed medical cannabis care choices with impactful educational medical programs that also serve to promote diverse representation and medical equality in cannabis.  In this episode, you’ll learn: What cannabinoids are and how it relates to the bodyThe endocannabinoid system how it works in the bodyDispensary tipsWhat the process is to get a medical card in MarylandWhat inspired Ashley’s children's book “Asa’s Medicine” Tips for parents / caregivers to communicate to kids about cannabis in a way they understandAdvice for nurses seeking to transition moving toward medical cannabis spaceThe importance of taking notes / keeping a journal of your experiences.    3 Key Takeaways: Medical professionals should talk about cannabis options with patients moreIf you’re going to use it, know what’s in it.Let your kids ask you questions; be honest with them.