How Charles Read, CPA grew his niched practice to over 7 figures

The CPA Marketing Genius Podcast

Jun 3 2022 • 20 mins

[00:01 - 05:43] Opening Segment

  • Charles shares his story from working in corporate finance to putting up his own company

[05:45 - 14:45] Secrets to Growing a  Business That Lasts for Decades

  • Unique Value Proposition: What sets GetPayroll apart from its competitors
  • How a white-label system helps them deliver faster and provide better customer service
  • The strategies that helped him grow from 1k to a 7-figure business
    • Hire the best marketing team

[14:45 - 16:56] Finding Clarity in Business

  • Investing in professionals where your skillsets are lacking
  • Why your business niche is the key to growth
    • Compliance
    • Ideal Clients
    • Business size

[16:57 - 20:04] Closing Segment

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Tweetable Quotes

“We can't be an expert in all areas. We have to specialize.” - Charles Read, CPA

"If I were to go back and do it from scratch, I'd hire marketing." - Charles Read, CPA

“Business is a marathon. It's not a sprint.” - Charles Read, CPA