3 Tools You Need to Pave the Road to a Golf Game You Love | Episode 020

She Talks Birdie

Dec 12 2021 • 11 mins

What's the point of playing golf if you don't love your game. If "love" isn't the word you'd use to describe your current feelings about your game then I can help. In this episode, I share the 3 tools you need to pave the road to a golf game you love. Are you in?

In golf, your brain is your personal navigation system.

Your brain directs your decisions, actions, reactions, and more moment by moment on the course.

And just like every type of navigation system, your brain operates specific tools that can help you reach your golf goals.

Here are the 3 inner tools that are a natural part of your hardwiring...

  • [2:51] 1: Your Gut - What is your default thinking when you're playing well or not as you would like?
  • [4:21] 2: Your Imagination - If you know that you are playing with negative or self-critical thoughts, where do you think they are coming from?
  • [6:24] 3: Your Inner Caddy - Did you know that your game has already provided you with every bit of evidence you need to establish a solid belief foundation under your game?
  • [9:39] Episode Summary - Here you will find a quick synopsis of this episode.

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