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Dec 13 2023 • 40 mins

Attorney Nexcy De La Rosa is a powerhouse Divorce and family law attorney in South Florida.  She owns her own firm located in Miami Lakes, Florida.
She's a mom of a sassy 7-year-old.  She considers herself a lifetime student as a podcast junkie, a motivational fanatic, and traveling the world to learn about other cultures.  She's originally from the Dominican Republic but grew up in Miami, Florida.  She graduated from Florida State University and Nova Southeastern University.

As a lawyer, she helps busy professionals and middle-class moms, dads, and spouses when they want to take control of their decisions and get their heads out of the sand.  We all know that most marriages and the bringing of life into this world with children...start out of an attraction, a positive feeling, or love but unfortunately, it leads to family drama no one wants to deal with.

Many of her clients are the family breadwinners, who want to start a life, but don't want to lose their house, retirement, or their children.

Attorney Nexcy's goal in every family's case is to find the unique opportunity to change someone's life from drama-filled to peace-filled.   She helps clients fight for what they really need for their children and themselves.

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