Principled Leadership Research Fellows: A discussion about apple commodity markets, K-Pop's cultural influence on business, and building trust in the workplace.

Work in Progress with Christopher Wong Michaelson

Sep 14 2023 • 42 mins

In this episode, Michaelson moderates a discussion with each of the 2022 Principled Leadership Fellows from the Melrose & The Toro Company Center for Principled Leadership.

So, how is it that apples, K-Pop and building trust are discussed on the same podcast episode? Listen to learn more from each Fellow as they share their unique research agendas and the connections to leadership and business practice.

2022 Fellows
Chad Brinsfield, Ph.D, Associate Professor Management. Topic: What hinders manager voice endorsement: The role of voice type, manager dominance tendency, and manager perceived status threat.

Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale, Ph.D, Professor of Finance. Topic: Challenges and potential for community value creation through sustainable food entrepreneurship.

Shinwon Noh, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Entrpreneurship. Topic: Rise of Cultural Industries from Emerging Markets: Case of K-Pop 2.

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