Workforce Insights in Social Care

leadership and resilience

Jan 12 2022 • 42 mins

What would Martin Green OBE and Neil Eastwood do about recruitment and retention if they were Ops Directors


  • Stories of Resilience through Covid?  1:12
  • How as Directors you would tackle high turn over and sickness rates  - What would you do immediately and over the first year?  7:12
  • What would you do to Recruit for all skill shortages? 16:16
  • What would you do to recruit for specialised roles such as  Nurses? 22:24
  • How would you develop and strengthen your management team? 26:08
  • How would you go about recruiting for leadership roles?  29:00
  • Are there any resources which businesses can tap into for staffing and recruiting? 31:00
  • How would you network and collaborate at a local level? 34:00
  • What future staffing plans could you start now,  for 10 years ahead, 2032
  • How do we attract people into social care? 39:52

(Duration approx 42 mins )